Monday, September 9, 2013

Beta Day, Beta Day

Goody Goody Hip Hooray!

It's been two long weeks since the twins were slid up into me.

Today we find out for sure if one, two, or neither of them have survived. I'm pretty excited.

So, what IS beta? 

Here's the WebMD definition. Basically, I'll have blood drawn again, but this time it measure how much, if any, HCG (Human growth hormone) is in my blood.


We're going to set HPT test results to the side in a bucket, because they can provide false negatives and false positives. So without revealing those results... I still feel great about today's number. The nausea alone suggests a positive outcome. Nevermind the cravings and gas. Although, how much of each of those could be blamed directly on my hormone injections, I have no clue.

So what numbers do we NEED to see? 

In truth, I have no idea. Beta numbers mean about as much as a promise from a politician. Everyone's numbers rise at different levels, and what could mean one baby for some means two babies for others. Even so, the control freak in me has done a bit of Googling.

Seems like a normal, healthy pregnancy would mean a number in the 200s today. I think to suggest twins we'd need to see a number very close to or above 1000 today.
Not sure WHEN I'll be allowed to post results today. I should have them by 5pm, PST... but I want to give the guys a little time with the news on their own. Be it good OR bad, to share with their families before I blast it to the world. But the news is coming friends... soon.


  1. Very excited for you and the guys!!!!! This is a big day!!!!! Can't wait for the results.

  2. C'mon, already, woman! This is like the 5th time I checked today! ;)