Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's For Dinner? Oh Wait, It Doesn't Matter

The last three day's I've felt sick. In truth, I've even been sick. 

It honestly feels like morning sickness. I never had the joy with Adelia, and only rarely with Emrys... so to have had 72 hours of straight nausea is pretty frustrating.

I am convinced that this must be related to the hormone therapy, as I have no other flu like symptoms, have only succumbed to the nausea once and it flares up around food times.

So I googled, "What causes morning sickness" to see if increased estrogen can be a culprit.

Number one response? 

"If you have morning sickness, you may be pregnant."

Thanks, Nostradamus. 

So for now, I'll take this as a GOOD sign... (grandma always said the sicker you are, the healthier the baby by far) Even though it means my bloated, hormonal self didn't get to eat much dinner this week.

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