Friday, August 23, 2013

That was Surprising

Where am I?
Where else. 
The airport bar. 

Honestly folks, I have to say goodbye to Sam Adams in some insanely short amount of time. So one more round of hot wings and Sam Adams while I can, please.

This also means that we've picked up Mimi, handed the kids off for the next 5 (glorious) days and made it through airport security. All of which were items I was a bit nervous about.

I must admit that I teared up a little bit when I left the girls. Don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to turn and walk away the moment the tantrums started over getting back into the stroller. Even so, I was surprised that I was emotional over saying goodbye. We'll blame it on the hormones.

I was also more than a little nervous to go through TSA with so many damn needles in my carry on bag. I think theres about 21 one those suckers in there, some 18g... which can pierce a navel and certainly serve as a weapon in the right hands. I was prepared for a fight.

It was really surprising at what a non issue it was. They didn't even open my goodie bag (filled with needles vials of hormones and roughly 100 pills). So cool, don't ask don't tell, right?

One last thing. No free first class upgrade on this flight. And that STINKS. Mostly because I was hoping for an electrical outlet at my seat so that I could spend some quality time with the heating pad for the next two hours. Yes yes, go ahead and smirk surrosisters. My ass hurts. The mission to be the first non issue progesterone surrogate did not last past shot two. Going to have to hit the left cheek tonight. Damn.

OK, See you in Sunny L.A.!  


  1. Wow! I'm surprised they didn't check your bag. I haven't tried before though...

    1. They did check it on the way home, when I checked it. LOL

  2. Medications are allowed through security as long as you have proof of prescription :) Diabetics need their insulin, especially on long flights.