Friday, August 9, 2013

Pill Poppin & Needle Needin

Awhile back I posted about feeling guilty over my monthly allowance. 
I don't anymore. 
I finally figured out what it was intended to be used to assist me with. It's for the purchase of items I would otherwise never purchase... but find myself needing as a direct result of this surrogacy. 

This is one of those things: 

That's right, I've bought an old lady pill organizer. And for good reason. I take a LOT of pills. 

In fact, tonight as I was sorting my weekly pills and organizing my pill box I decided to show you exactly what a week in the life of a surrogate looks like. Are you ready for this? 

Here it is: 

I counted. A week in my life right now means 82 pills and 9 injections. Every 7 days. And I add more meds to this count in about 10 days.  Who wants to sign up now? 


  1. Freak! What clinic are you with? Did I miss that?

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