Monday, August 26, 2013

Off To The Races!

That's kind of how this morning feels. Surprisingly, I got a load of sleep. This despite my incredible excitement and late bedtime.

When my alarm went off this morning I sprang out of bed (Despite the rocks in my bottom) and did a little jig right there beside my bed.

Lucky Transfer Outfit
Safe to say there is are no feelings of nerves, doubt, or timidity going into today. It's pure jubilation. Like a kid on Christmas morning.

I knew I'd pen a blog before heading down to the transfer, and I had planned on it being introspective. Deep, even. Thinking about gay rights, surrogate rights, educating the world, breaking barriers, victory... maybe even apprehension about what I am about to do.

But as I sit here, none of that is coming to me. All I've got for you right now, is pure joy. White as freshly fallen snow set again a deep green Cedar. 

Day's Schedule:

  • 8am- Breakfast with B and Becky. 
  • 9am- Super secret side project (big reveal coming very, very soon) 
  • 10:15am- leave for transfer
  • 11:00 am- Insert two beautiful babies(OK...embryos) into my uterus. 
  • 12 noon: Bedrest and Chipotle. 

I'll post updates as the day progresses.


  1. I need a shirt like that!

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Morgan.

      See below about the shirt. You may just be able to get one afterall.

  2. So exciting!!!!!! Wishing you all good luck! I'm assuming you're in recovery right now or at the hotel.

    1. They held me forever in recovery.almost 2 hours.

  3. I also love the shirt, where did you get it?

    1. I designed it. But after a decent amount of interest from surros online... I'm going to put it into Zazzle so others can sport it too.

      I have some other surro related design ideas that will probably pop in there to. I'll post the store front when it's ready.