Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monitor THAT!

Just got results from my second monitoring appointment.

My lining fell from 4.5 mm to 3.2 mm, but as I am currently menstruating that is to be expected.

The real news is my blood estrogen level. Last week I was still on active birth control pills, and the level was a tiny 9.8.

Today, 4 days removed from the pill, my blood estrogen level was 73.

Thats still below the 80 that Dr. Kolb aims for, so everyone is happy. Especially me, as a 9.8 is the standard estrogen level of a post menopausal woman. The low number had me scared. 

So new injections tonight, much larger needles.. and even more new hormones. YIPPIEE

Heres this weeks snapshot of Mr. Wandy. He was in his party jacket....


  1. Mr Wandy! You are too hilarious
    Glad to hear all went well
    -T x

  2. What is up with the party ribbon?