Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introducing Our Egg Donor

Pictured above are T and, drumroll please, our egg donor. 

I've been waiting to share this bit of awesome news for quite awhile now and I am so excited to finally be writing this blog. Our egg donor is a known donor. She's a family member. 

First things first, NO. Daddy and mommy aren't related.  

M will be this baby's daddy. He was the only dad to give a sperm sample. This decision was made long ago, long before this egg donor likely even knew the guys were trying to grow a family. The egg donor is related to T. So while this child will bear a biological connection to BOTH dads (and how stinkin' cool is that?) there is no chance at all that the baby will be created within the branches of just one family tree. 

When the guys told their families that they were working with a surrogate to grow a family, cousin "B" (our donor) stepped up and volunteered to join our team.

I don't know about you all, but for me looking at this picture of them on the left is so cool. Who could have guessed that these two little kids, these cousins would someday be working together to make a baby?

So, why is this so special?

From what I gather, choosing an egg donor is nothing like choosing your surrogate.

I am told in many cases it is a more difficult decision than choosing the surrogate. This person will be responsible for determining genetic make up of your child, whereas I'll just be babysitting for a few months. 

Despite the added stress of choosing the attributes of half your child's makeup, the process remains more anonymous than choosing your surrogate. Most egg donors complete a profile that comprises of medical history, physical attributes, personality attributes and an IQ test. Some profiles are more specific than others, but it seems to be a rare thing to ever meet your donor in person. 

But we're anything but normal. 

What makes this SO very special is that this little baby(ies) will be able to grow up knowing dad, dad and egg donor. Maybe even tummy mummy if I'm lucky. Not many surrobabes get to have that wealth of knowledge available to them. 

And while this baby would be loved by both sets of grandparents no matter who the donor was, I can't help but imagine that Christmas and birthdays will be even more special, since both sides can call this baby their blood. 

Because of B, our story is so much better. We're both on hormone therapy, and soon this lovely lady and myself will be working together (medically at least) to help a terrific couple become dads. 

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  1. OMG! T's cheeks are absolutely adorable!!!! I just want to squeeze them! What a great story about their egg donor.