Saturday, August 24, 2013

Toasting the Bubs To Be

I'm sure by now you can assume that the transfer did *NOT* happen today.

I actually had to call the doctor's office an hour before my procedure time to ask if I was coming in today or Monday. 30 minutes later they called back and told me the best news to date. They told me that the eggs look strong and great so we would be waiting until 11 a.m. Monday afternoon to do the transfer.

The Gals, Toasting to Bubs to Be
This left Becky and I with two days to be So Cal tourists. We tossed a lot of ideas around, wanting mostly to rent a car and go over to Santa Monica. We wound up passing on that today in order to explore Pasadena a bit.


Not that we didn't have a lovely time, I most certainly did, but apparently the car rental place is closed tomorrow. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and will try to get to the ocean one way or another.

The walking we did through Pasadena left my bottom rock hard and incredibly sore. This means I'm going to have to turn down B's invitation to hike to the Hollywood sign tomorrow. I'm just not sure I could physically do it.

So tomorrow it'll be either Santa Monica or another full day at the hotel pool. Which won't be bad at all.

PS- The above photo is me, my aunt, our egg donor and her good friend. The gals out to dinner last night, with one dad on skype, raising a glass to the bubs to be! :)

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