Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heres to the Grams!

It occurred to T and I the other day that we're spending so much time thinking about babies, surromommy and daddies, that there exists a whole sphere of relatives out there who deserve the spotlight as well. Thus far, they've managed to escape it. But no more.

Here's to you, grandmas, mimis, nannas, and all their spouses.

Having been raised by my grandparents myself, there is no one out there who knows better the importance of these people in our lives. They are the soft spoiling arms we run to first, and the iron hammer that lays down the law for good when we choose not to hear it from mom and dad.

My grandma with all her "kids" 
Grandparents are our very first friends, and often some of our deepest bonds through life. They have the ability to teach us love in a way others often can't. They teach us patience and tolerance through nothing but their wise years. They always have a story to tell, and wisdom in each tall tale.

I miss my grandparents so deeply. I often feel like I can hear them cheering me on through this process.

M&T tell me these little babies (we're just going to start using the plural now, since we're all convinced that it's going to be twins) are going to be surrounded on all sides by the strong arms of grandparents. This makes me so very, very happy. No doubt these people already know the important role they'll play in these bubbies lives. No doubt they're over the top excited to get started. So excited in fact, T tells me they're getting as little sleep due to excitement as the rest of us.

So here's to you, wise, loving, tolerant, patience and excited grandparents. Just a few more months to wait. I'm firing up the slow cooker today, and handing them over to you in less than a year.

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