Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Aversions

Right now is the tricky part of IVF. 
This might look tasty to you... 
We know we put two live little embryos into me, but we have to wait a gruelling 14 days to confirm if they stuck and continued to grow. 

So right now, I might be pregnant... I might just be hormonal. 

One thing has DEFINITELY changed since the transfer though. 
Just like with both of my own pregnancies.. I am experiencing killer food aversions. 

But this is what it looks like to me...
If you recall, while on Medrol up to and through the transfer, i had to encapsulate the pills in peanut butter just to take them. It was cool. I love peanut butter. 

Or at least, I did. 

Right now the very act of making a PBJ for the Blondseters could bring me to my knees in front of the porcelain God. The smell of it... the look of it... the imagined taste of it... OK, I have to stop writing about it because I'm HONESTLY gagging at the thought.  

...5 minutes later... 

No more peanut butter talk. 

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  1. Mandy, are you going to take an at-home test soon or wait til beta???