Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog Overload

I guess I should prepare you all for an overload of updates in the coming 21 days. There's just so much happening and there are so many emotions revolving around these happenings that I want to record.

At first I felt badly for the upcoming swarm of information. Especially considering I learned recently of someone who unfriended me on FaceBook as a result of my surrogacy blogging. But then I realized I didn't like her all that much to start with, and poo poo on those who don't want to know every detail. Don't read them then. But I'm going to write them.


The journey feels a bit like a duck swimming right now. To those on the outside things look like they're swimming along smoothly. Just beneath the surface though, there is paddling like hell to make it all look so easy to those on the shore.

For example. I am about to get on a skype call for a side project related to my journey. But I can't tell you all what it is. Yet.

For example. There was a potential hiccup in our road yesterday. But I'm not going to talk about it here. Ever. Just know all is well now.

Here are the things I can talk about. 

Leaving the Blondesters

I'll only touch lightly on this now, because it will have it's own blog later... but I get 5 days off! Most surros I read are all, "I miss them soooo much. Can I bring them? Can I go home early?" NOT. ME. I love them, yes. I'll miss them, maybe. ;) But I certainly am not the lamenting mother crying in the corner. I'll be the one lounged by the pool (pre-transfer) and couch surfing (post trasnfer) with a book and NO time outs, diaper changes or tantrums. PEACE.OUT.

Flight Stress

I am a bit on edge about getting our flights to LA booked. All the flights I want are close to selling out, and procedure at the GG offices have kept them from making any reservation yet. And I fly out in like 48 hours. I'm not sure why we couldn't use our heads instead of the rule book and reserve this when my lining was ready to go 10 days ago... or when it was clear B would have her retrieval as scheduled 4 days ago. Or yesterday evening when the RE cleared me. Sigh

Lupron Mandy, Retired

Last night was my last Lupron injection. As this is the drug that keeps my ovaries quiet, it means I now have to be on pelvic rest (no orgasm) until further notice. I'm told that could last as long as 10 weeks pregnant... for a total of 11 weeks pelvic rest. Sorry, Chris. While I am happy about tossing out a bottle of hormones and tossing those unused needles, I'm sorry it comes at your expense.
You'll notice the actual procedure and transfer don't make my list. Because I'm not worried about them. B has beautiful eggs. I have a beautiful ovaries. I'm just not worried about the procedure at all. That, at the least, is a wonderful feeling.


  1. I like to include all the details, too. It's mostly for myself than anyone else, because I don't do any kind of journal apart from my blog. I have made apologies there for my inherit long-winded-ness, but like you said, don't read it! I like the details that other people are willing to share, and I want to remember my own.

  2. I can't believe it's coming up so soon! Wishing you lots of luck!!!