Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So I was perusing a forum for surrogates when the question came up of whether or not she (the poster) was allowed to drink the night before a transfer.  And of course, any question of whether or not to drink has to be followed with "not that I drink a lot, I'm just curious..."  Let's be honest, ladies.  If you drink so often that you need to know whether or not you can get away with drinking every single day up to the transfer... or maybe they've never seen it that way.  Just once, I want to see someone on these forums say, "I want to get blackout drunk one more time before my nine month hiatus, and you better believe I'm getting nice and toasty once I evict that bad boy!"  ...just a thought.

Yeah, this is TOTALLY not happening.

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  1. Ask and ye shall receive!
    A fellow surrogate and I did just that the night before our transfer, lol. It was a rough morning but both transfers were successful and resulted in two very cute, very healthy baby girls! ;)