Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Have a Date

First up, my thoughts are so jumbled right now I can't even begin to imagine this blog will wind up being a productive read. Apologies in advance.

The big news is, WE-HAVE-A-DATE. 

I feel like perhaps I should send out "save the date" cards engagement style. 

Truth is, I had begun mentally preparing myself for a much longer wait. Even so far out as January. Because wouldn't it be cool to be in Pasadena for the Rose Parade?

I was starting to feel like every Monday was, "We'll know something by Friday" and every Friday was, "It'll be next week, for sure." But this time, "We'll know something by Friday" actually meant, "We'll know something by Friday."

I have to note that I feel strongly that this date victory is in large part to the Law of Attraction. The guys and I have been focusing on a transfer that last week of August for quite some time now. It had to happen for a multitude of reasons including some travel I need to be cleared for in late October as well as a blackout date for me in early September. Plus, I really started to focus on the last week of August when I learned another pal might be transfering then as well. The best news is that, as it always does, the Secret worked.

So, what's the big date?
Mark your calendars, Kids... We're shooting for:

More next time on why there is a date range as opposed to a solid date. 


  1. Very cool! I'm transferring around that time too. Good luck!

  2. woop woop woop woop. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How exciting! I love reading your blog. We are shooting for August 21 :) ill be sending good vibes your way

  4. Eeeeeeek! I just came on to see if you had a date yet. So excited! We're the beginning of August. You should join the transferring in August group on SMO!!!!*_*_*-August-Oasis-July-16-31-*_*_*