Saturday, July 13, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star Shine

Tonight I want to do a little more talking about my surro sister Star Shine. While clearly that is not her given name... it's become a fun nickname and I think we'll keep it. She's tackling surrogacy without hormones. She's going natural, in every sense.

So, what makes Star Shine so special? Lots of things, in my opinion. Besides being an incredibly smart and strong willed mom who brings home the bacon AND fries it up in the pan, she's also a surrogate. She's a surrogate who knew from the get-go that the traditional road was not going to work for her. She's one of those hippie kids raised on all organic foods, only natural medicines and plenty of hugs. "Star Shine" making sense now?

As a result of her upbringing and a few other medical factors, she's always been resistant to all forms of western medicine. They just don't have the same intensity that they'd have on you or I. Because of that, she was fairly convinced the hormone therapy would not yield the types of results that fertility clinics are used to seeing.

Despite telling our agency her concerns when her journey started (more than 2 years ago) they still wanted her to give the tried and true blue method a whirl. Like the diligent solider she is, Star marched forward following her Commander's orders.

One Problem. 
It didn't work. 

After just a short time on injections, her body began to try to force the injected fluids back out of her body. The result was raised red lumps all over her hiny.

The injections are painful enough when your body accepts them. 
Imagine if your body rejected them.

I asked to share photos of the rejection, but there are none. This is because aside from the physical pain the rejection caused, the appearance of her own body led to a emotional pain. She became embarrassed and ashamed of her body. Both physically and emotionally bruised, Star didn't even let her husband see her body.

While the docs like to see a uterine lining of at least 8 mm before transferring an embryo, Star's body went from an 8.5, to a 10, to a 7.5 and finally settling at an ideal 10. Docs went ahead with the transfer despite the unusual prep lead up.

Star Shine in the Flesh 

The transfer failed. 

Some medical mumbo jumbo happened next...  tests were done... meds were changed... uterine linings went up... uterine linings went way down... time passed...frustration and confusion were the vocabulary words of the day.

The air started to stink of finality and defeat.

Star started suggesting they monitor her own body for a natural cycle. Let her rely on the old wives tales and the herbal and holistic remedies she'd been raised on. Do things the way her body was used to doing things.

And then something magical happened. 
The doctors said yes. 

More next week on the wild and crazy things Star Shine tried, and if they worked. 

This is a true and evolving story, much like my own...even if it does sound incredible!

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  1. Boo to the pain of the shots! I hear that time and time again from other surrogates. Those shots are no fun. Yay for a natural cycle though!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Can't wait to see how my own natural cycle will go. I hope more surrogates can do it over time. Just seems like the right thing to do.