Monday, July 29, 2013

Today's the Day

I have my first monitoring appointment in about 3 hours. know, Holy Cow...

I've done some Google research on typical uterine thickness this morning. It appears it is usually around 6.5 mm. Well, I am an over achiever and believe myself to be insanely fertile. So I'm setting a goal of a 10mm lining today. ;)  Maybe they'll tell me I don't need those horrid painful shots if my body can pull that off. (Yes, I know that won't likely happen. No need to make me feel all silly and stupid again, pals.)

I'm feeling pretty excited about the whole thing. It's a long time goal that is finally getting real. Real doctors, real injections, real hormone therapy... and in a month, a real baby. Maybe two.

I haven't asked the guys yet how much of my med details they're comfortable with my sharing here, so I'm not sure when you'll see an update. My hunch is that, it's my body and they're super cool.. so I don't think they'll care. Even so, my uterus is now their baby maker.. so I do want to consider their feelings on the matter.

Time to shower!!!

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