Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time to Set a Date

I was up late with my favorite guilty pleasure "Big Brother." 
Well, it's a good thing I couldn't sleep. 

I JUST GOT *THE* Email. 

The Email from the nurse that wants to talk dates. This is real. The time has come. After more than 3 and a half years, it's time to set the date.

And for M&T, This is the email that sets a different set of dates. The dates they go from dudes to dads.

This email just wanted to know any potential travel black out dates I may have and where I am at in my cycle. The actual dates will be coming soon though. The email said she'd be putting my calendar of events together "in the coming week". So I guess as early as tomorrow... or as late as a week from tomorrow I should know something.

Exciting, exhilarated, relieved.. All rolled into one great big snowball of wonderful. This is what it's all about. It's time to change the world, one (or two) little heart beats at a time.


  1. It is awesome when things REALLY start rolling along! Hope it is soon!

  2. I'm excited for all of you. what a happy life changing adventure.

  3. So exciting for you and the IP's.

  4. This is such an exciting phase! We rarely get from start to finish without roadbumps in this process - but you're moving along now!