Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Mango and Star Shine

I love it when I am asked to write. It strokes my ego. Makes me feel important. So if you want to see something here... just go on ahead and ask.

To that note, I've been asked to write a little bit about two things. 
#1- Our new cat, Mango
#2- A natural surrogacy. 

Let's start with the latter. 

A surrosister and good friend is currently doing a natural cycle to prepare for her journey. What this means is that instead of using hormones, needles and doctors to prepare to receive an embryo ... she's using old wives tales and dancing naked under a full moon. Literally...

A surrogacy without hormone injections is a unique and rare thing. It's uncharted territory. And in my opinion, it's soooooooooooooooooooooo cool. So from time to time I'm going to talk a little bit about her adventures on this blog. Hopefully it can reach some other people out there and help them too. For now, I'll call this surrogate "Star Shine" because it sounds cool. She can choose her own alias when she's ready.

Now onto cute cuddlies. 
Meet Mango. 

Mango, Our F2 Savannah

Manga in Swahili Means "Traveler" 
Recently Chris and I adopted an F2 Savannah cat. What the heck is that, Mandy? Well, it's a cross between a domestic American cat and a wild African Serval cat. (Read more here)  Don't worry, the thing isn't dangerous and won't eat us alive. In fact, many people makes pets out of the actual Serval cat. This particular kitten is two generations removed from wild and has plenty of domestication. She's recognized as a domestic animal... despite her wild appearance and vocalizations.

Chris and I were drawn to the breed because of the canine features the breed often possesses. It walks on a leash, comes when called, plays fetch and loves water. Plus, we except her to get to just under 20 pounds of lean mass and stand as tall as my knees to mid thigh. It's like cat-dog hybrid. Perfection for us.

Mango Tolerating Toddler Hugs
A Cat Nap.
When we brought "Mango" home we were a little worried about how she'd do with the girls. Given her wild roots, we worried about the hands on with kids. We'd met her once before decided to make her ours, and it was a great start. Even so, introductions were slow.

What we've been surprised to find is that this 5 pound ball of fur (at 13 weeks old...) is a lover. She lets my girls pick her up and carry her everywhere (odd for any cat, underherd of for a Savannah) She follows us around the house and won't leave a human's side. She cuddles up next to all of us like a dog and boy, if her purr grows along with her body, she's going to be a very loud cat.

Mango Loves Being Read To 
It is fun to listen to her vocalizations.  She can and does meow like a normal house cat, but she also "chirps" and has some wild hisses from her wild grandpa. It's been a trip to learn that sometimes those hisses just mean "what's up?" as opposed to "I'm going to kill you."

She already has roughly a three foot vertical leap (from sitting position) and we expect that to top out around 8 feet. She is the best toy I've ever given my girls, and as such is helping me maintain my sanity and get more done around the house.

I feel so lucky to have happened into a breed we would likely never be able to afford if it hadn't been an adoption price. I'm over the moon that she fits in with our family so well. I'm excited to watch her grow and build memories with my family.

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  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL cat!!!! Oh, and yay for natural cycles!!!!!!!!