Monday, July 22, 2013

Going to be a crazy week.

One week from right ow I will be gearing up for my first monitoring appointment. Kind of crazy considering I still don't have an appointment time, which means no child care lined up, and no meds in house yet.

Nevertheless, I'm told this is what will happen this week. Appointments will be set. Meds will arrive.

Also this week, my dad is coming for a visit. This will mark the first time I have ever invited him for a visit outside of direct instruction from my grandparents. This is a major life thing for me.

So between all that whirlwind, it's going to be a very busy week indeed. In fact, right now I need to go do some laundry, clean some house, bathe some babies.... the work of a housewife is never complete.


  1. 1st monitoring appt is very exciting!!!

  2. The work of a trophy wife is never complete :)