Friday, July 19, 2013

Dancing Naked: A Starshine Blog

Here's a look at the first installment of Starshine's Story. She's doing surrogacy the natural way. Letting her body pave the way. 

The doctors finally agreed to let Starshine take on natural surrogacy.
So little Starshine got to work creating an exhaustive list of natural remedies and potions to help thicken her uterine lining. Here's a look at her daily regimine:

Daily Dosage 
3/day Fertility Blend capsules (Daily Wellness brand)
1/day Bromelain capsule (Solaray brand)
2/day Women's Complete daily vitamin gummy (vitaFusion brand)
1/day B-Complex gummy (vitaFusion brand)
4/day Calcium + D gummy (vitaFusion brand)
1/day Low-dose Aspirin chewable (generic)
2/day Vitamin C gummy (Nature Made brand)
2/day cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea (Traditional Medicinal brand)

1/day cup of Pregnancy Tea (Traditional Medicinal brand)
Dancing Naked Under the Moon
External castor oil with heat pack with Jasmine essential oil.

Most people who want to have a baby just have to ... well, take a "night" off so to speak. Most surrogates take far fewer medications, even though some are injected via needle or vaginal suppository. But Starshine wanted to give this natural cycle the best shot at success as she could.

Pagan Fertility Rite
That meant doing more than taking vitamins and hoping. It meant enlisting the help of religion, spiritual leaders and even the full moon. Want the list of all of these things?

She danced naked under a Harvest Moon. She completed her own Pagan Fertility Rites. She had fertility massage. She focused on her root chakra. She accepted prayers from Christian friends.

If it could help her, Starshine embraced it.

So, did it work? 
That's next week. 


  1. Wow! I thought I was going natural, but that is very natural. I might head out and get some of the tea and I do plan on getting a massage this week. Hope it helps. I wonder if we have a full moon tonight. Haha! I was wondering. It seems like a lot of the herbs and meds are replacing a single prenatal vitamin. Am I right? If so, which ones are they? I'm curious what she's adding extra.

    1. Hi, Chana! I'll just go ahead and answer you since I am she :)

      Basically, I am taking a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral combination in two can get them at most drug stores and supplement shops in a variety of forms. Just make sure to get the lowest dose of Vitamin A in them that you can, because that hinders fertility and can hurt a developing baby.

      Additionally, I am drinking this tea ( ) to help with iron and folic acid, increasing blood flow, and womb-strengthening. It's also a lot less bitter than red raspberry leaf tea all on its own! I am also taking the Fertility Blend capsules from Daily Wellness to get higher doses of things found in food that help thicken the endometrium, increase blood flow, and naturally increase estrogen production.

      If you want to learn more about the rituals, just email me; I'd be glad to share!

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