Monday, July 1, 2013


Nope, that's not any kind of hormone level. And while it may feel that way, it's also not the number of days until my transfer... hopefully... 

So what is 12,596? 

It's the number of times 
this blog has been viewed. 


That's pretty Earth moving for me. When this sucker started about a year ago, I thought I'd have maybe 5 regular readers. A few sporadic ones and the random float in. As of today, my stats tracker tells me that is blog:

  • Has been looked for on Google more than 40 times. 
  • Has reached people on *Every* single continent 
  • Is viewed (on average) more than 100 times a day

It's simply amazing to me that anything I could ever do with my life could be interesting to so many people. I am humbled, and so thankful for all of you who read regularly and are sharing this wild ride with me. 

Additionally, I am beyond touched by the whole surrogacy world that has accepted me with open arms. The friends I've made already and the ones that are to come. The lifelong bonds I have formed with M&T. I am so blessed. 

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  1. I LOVE the surrogacy community - surrogates are a bunch of amazingly nice women! It IS nice the connections you make along your journey! Your transfer time WILL come......hang in there.