Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So What's Included in A Surrogacy Contract?

So I spent a good amount of time last night reading the contract. I wanted to take it slow and make sure I let everything sink in. Truth is, I trust M&T. I trust GG. But this is no small thing I am taking on, and I want to be as well informed as I can be.

After about a paragraph of reading I had a very surreal moment of "This is Real." It felt kind of cool. Very long awaited.

Most of the contract was spot on what I expected. No travel outside of 50 miles post 24 weeks, I can't have an abortion on a whim, no smoking, no drinking and must surrender at birth. It's funny, because these clauses are put in for the protection of the IPs, and I'm like yes, MUST surrender at time of birth. That means they MUST take at time of birth ;)

There were a few things that had never crossed my mind. Like the clause stating that CHRIS can't get a tattoo during the pregnancy. But luckily, even though he's always wanted one, he will now have an excuse for his indecision and put off the decision for a bit longer. :)

What else what else... Oh, turns out I am not allowed to leave the country without consent from the guys. I have a  trip already planned... but I am pretty sure it will be fine with them. Funny things we never anticipated though.

I have a few questions on what denotes "strenuous exercise" and will take those up with the law firm later this week, but I am on course for a signed agreement. I think this keeps us on task for our August transfer.


  1. I questioned that one too when they leave a statement opened up like "strenuous exercise". Who gets to decide??? I think I had them put in that my OB would have to say it's strenuous. I don't just want anybody to say it's strenuous. Same for other things like medications (like Tylenol). Don't forget the one on who decides if you have a c-section, amnio, etc. I had it changed so that only a doctor could say I had to have one for health reasons. Not anyone just for convenience or piece of mind.

    1. Right. It already stipulates doctor, and the agency has a list of approved meds. Im thinking ill amend the contract to include the forms of exercise which are normal and standard to me, unless directed to atop by my caregiver.

  2. The no sex clause... that must be signed on twice ;)

  3. Im only a little behind you in my journey and I am so thankful that you posted this. I had no idea about the 50 mile radius thing after 24 weeks. That seems early to me. And I had no idea about what Chana said above. So happy to have read this!