Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why Yes, I AM a Surrogate

I've been reluctant to remove my post in response to Rebecca Hamilton; who called me a prostitute. Fact is, I feel like it should stay front and center as long as it is getting massive page views.

But, my journey progresses, 

even when her hate doesn't.   

(Read my impassioned response here )

Tonight I had such a wonderful time with my new friend, Suzie. She started as my girls' nanny and has quickly become quite possibly my best friend in Washington. Something happened when she introduced me to her brother than I want to make note of here.

My Identity As A Surrogate

For a few weeks now, when the topic of my impending surrogacy comes up in conversation, I have said, "I am a surrogate" as opposed to "I am preparing to be a surrogate."

The change is nominal at best, so minor I doubt even my husband has noticed.

I have gone from applying and hoping, to a real surrogate. The words don't even ring true to me just yet. But tonight, when I walked into Suzie's place and she introduced me as, "This is my surrogate friend" it became so clear to me.

People are defining ME by this CHOICE

To those around me; I AM a surrogate. I AM already doing something amazing. Something life changing. Something that defines a life.

Suzie isn't the first to note me as "my surrogate friend." In fact, to many of my Washington friends who know much less of me; this is often the superlative of which I am introduced and most often identified.

And makes me so proud. 

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