Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hormonal. Bingo.

I am just one of those women who is incredibly in tune with her own body. I just know when stuff is up.

I knew I was pregnant with Adelia 2 weeks before my missed period. 
I knew I was pregnant with Emrys 1 week before my missed period. 

Both times I knew I was in labor at the earliest onset. Even when the doctors thought I was nuts. I just know my body well.

This means a few things.

#1 I rarely get PMS. I know what's coming and I can usually self regulate. 
#2 When I DO get PMS (Roughly 3 cycles a year) Plan a trip to Nepal. It's the only place on Earth you might be safe from my wrath. 

These are reasons Chris prefers me to not be on hormonal birth control methods. It throws my norm way off balance and can make me completely irrational. It's one reason we're both out and out dreading my hormone therapy.

Sure She LOOOKS Cute...
Unfortunately, this month is a PMS month. And I swear Emrys knows it. She is pushing every button I have and even finding some new ones. From playing in the toilet, to trying to snip her tongue off with finger nail clippers, to emptying her clothing cabinets.... I caught her grinding poptart into the carpet. She bit me. She knocked family pictures off the wall. On purpose. At least her room is clean, because she has no interest in her toys today.

So why share all this? It's a prelude to lead up to a fun conversation snippet from Chris and I. Now before you all read it and report me to Child Protective Services, or before M&T decide I'm a basketcase... know that I'd never do this- or anything else that would hurt my children. I rarely even punish them with more than an angry look. So here's the snippet:

Amanda: I'm about to punt Emrys like a damn football.
Christopher: Just make sure you keep the distance record.  Child punting could become a sport

Ah. Humor. Regulates the hormones. Makes me less crazy. It's why I love my husband.

So I hear Emrys grunting in her bedroom. Means she's probably removed her diaper... and is taking a deuce on the floor.

Until next time, friends.

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  1. I know those days!

    A co-worker has planned on making me a sign that simply says, "I'm on Drugs" while on hormone therapy so I don't need an conversational explanation for my irrational behavior.