Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day, and my Uterus's legal matters

Hello Blogger world. I have been away for quite some time. A big no no in the blogging world. Suppose I am lucky you haven't all lost interest and deserted me, eh?

Truth is, my absence can't even be blamed on a lack of activity in my journey. A lot has happened actually. I've just been busy with other life events and have been kept at bay. We bought a travel trailer and have been camping a lot. My in laws just spent a week in town. My father is coming in a month. The list goes on and on.

So what IS happening with my uterus? Well right now it is the subject of a pending legal agreement. That's right, we've progressed to the legal phase of this journey. But that is a subject more deserving of it's own post, and I will write more on that later.

This year father's day snuck up on me. I am ashamed to say I sent no cards to my own father, father in law, uncle or even my husband. Ooops. Sometimes as a minimalist these hallmark holidays just slip right under my radar. I did however find a super cute "dad to be" card a while back and sent it to M&T. Of that I was proud...

Until they informed me that in Australia Father's Day isn't until September. DOH!  Sigh, and strike 4? OK, I'll just call this year a loss. The guys were very polite and appreciative of my gesture though. So I guess the point was delivered effectively? Albeit a few months too early?

So, in the coming days you can expect more notes from me on the legal proceedings of my uterus. We're still on track for a mid to late August embryo transfer though. Hooray!

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