Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day as a Surrogate

Tonight I sat down with the girls in my lap and attempted to read them the children's book that M&T sent for them.

In my mind I saw it as a bonding moment with my babies curled up in my lap listening attentively and loving on each other.

Well, that's not what happened. 

Emrys started blowing raspberries on my thighs about a quarter of the way through and Adelia started playing kitty shortly thereafter.

This moment of unplanned parental hilarity got me thinking about kiddos, and about being a mother.

I just think about what being a mom means to me, and about what being a dad will mean to both M &T. Then I was sad for a moment that "bubs" (as they call the yet unmade baby) won't really do much for Mother's Day. I thought of the in class arts and crafts and how it could be an awkward moment for this baby.

Then I came to my senses. I realized this baby is already so loved, and it isn't even made yet. Between aunts, cousins and grandmas, this child will always have someone to call on Mother's Day. Always have someone to be grateful for.  Maybe if I'm lucky I will be included in that batch. But even if I am not, it'll be OK. That's up to M&T at first, and the child later on.

The bottom line (for me at least) is simple. Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning to me in 2010 after Adelia was born. And it's about to take on a whole new definition as well.

And for that, I could not be more proud. 

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