Saturday, May 18, 2013

Feeling so Lucky

My case worker at Growing Generations said that the match meeting between M, T & myself would be, "a big ole love fest".

I am reminded of her words tonight. I had a Skype with the guys this evening. I met their puppy an they met my puppies. (Em and D). It was a great conversation filled with smiles and stories. Lots of laughs.

But that's not why I am feeling so lucky tonight. 

It's because moments after the Skype call ended I saw I had a video message from M.

I had told them at the match meeting that if it were my life, I'd tell my close friends and family about every step of this journey as opposed to waiting for the second trimester. Speaking positive things into being has always worked for us.

Well, M sent me a message to thank me for this comment. Turns out they took it to heart and followed through. And it's made a big difference in this journey already.

I am feeling so lucky to have been matched with these two. Because they had an open mind to what I had to say. Because they think enough of me to share their side of this journey with me. Because they're humble enough to say thank you. Because they're sincere enough to go out of their way to send a personal video message to do it, as opposed to leaving it unsaid.

A big ole love fest? 

Yeah, I think so. And I'm so lucky for it. 


  1. yes, it is truly a match made in heaven for all of you.

  2. Aww - thanks for the thanks. Travis thinks my verbal communication is "warmer" in tone than my writing so I'm pleased you liked the video. :) M.