Thursday, May 23, 2013

Associated with Pregnancy

This will be my third pregnancy. While I am no expert, there are a few things I've learned along the way. A few tricks... and a few traditions.

A Trick

One thing I have learned is that it is far easier to lose the baby weight if you start your pregnancy in shape at a healthy weight and on a downward loss trend.
Baby Emrys

Don't get me wrong, I know I am not "fat" and I'm not looking for "Girlfriend, you're beautiful" type sentiments. I weigh just 10 pounds more than my lowest post collegiate weight... I weigh right what I did on my wedding day... I am 10 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Adelia, and about the same weight as when I got pregnant with Emrys. Still, I'd like to see another 15-35 pounds gone. Wouldn't want to drop more than that given my past.

I have been motivated by Chris's recent exercise routine and success. So, given my motivation and the fact that I KNOW losing this weight will be easier if I get a few more pounds off now... I am officially starting to join him on his workout routine. Ugh. It also means no more french fries until I am knocked up. So come on, Growing Generations... knock me up!

A Tradition

I also want to talk about a pregnancy tradition I have. I have donated 4 pony tails of hair in my life, 24 inches  to Locks of Love, and 16 inches to Panteene's Beautiful Lengths.

My most recent 8 inches
My first two donations were while in college, just because I could. The next two were pregnancy related. The prenatal vitamins made my hair grow so fast, and truth be told I can't imagine labor without a pony tail.  Then when babies turn about 8 weeks and start pulling was always time for a donation. It's become a part of who am I, something I am so proud of having done. 
I started growing my hair out already in preparation for my next donation. I haven't had a cut in nearly 6 months (and amazingly I have no split ends). I am tempted to start prenatals now to get things going even more quickly since my hair is currently in that 'not short, not long' phase that I hate. The goal this time around is another 12 inch donation. Because at 52' total, I will have donated my height in hair. I will have also donated the equivilant of enough hair to create an entire wig. That's notable.

So... dieting and growing hair. Two things that aren't usually associated with baby making... but have become such a part of my baby making procedure.


  1. Update: My wife is 62" tall, not 52" :) If she was 52", I might be able to fit her in my backpacker!

  2. LOL!!!! This is why I am an author, not a math person. Well crap!!!!
    This sort of thing is what chris likes to call "Mandy Math"

  3. I have donated my hair three times as well and am currently growing it out for one last donation! That is wonderful, even if it is only 52"! Haha.

  4. HAHA - Mandy Math - love it!
    Some fascinating rituals there... and who knew prenatal vitamins led to hair growth?! Learning so much already!

  5. I've donated quite a bit of hair after each of my kids, too. Dang, I never thought to note how long each donation was!