Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Good Read

Recently T described this blog as a "Good Read." He's probably a bit partial, considering he is one of the stars of the story. Even so, I'll take the compliment. I'll even pay it forward and share another "Good Read" with you all!

When I met the guys they gifted me a book. I am a bit ashamed to admit I filed it towards the bottom of my reading schedule and moved on. I was excited to read it and grateful to have it no doubt, but I had just started a reread of The Hunger Games, was anticipating a reread of Harry Potter in its magnificent entirety and had recently been turned on to a new series, "A Song of Ice and Fire" that I planned on weaseling into the docket in the near future as well. Team that with two kids house work and house hunting and I just didn't think I'd get around to a new book in the foreseeable.

Well, I felt guilty for that plan almost immediately and decided to put their gifted book, "Down Under" by Bill Bryson into the lineup post Hunger Games.

I am so glad I made that move. 

I dug into the book this weekend while camping with the fam at Deception Pass State Park (which, coincidentally, is a magnificent place all its own.) I was so instantly taken by this author's style. He is beyond witty and pokes humor at himself in ways that had me giggling and out and out laughing out loud during my read. I like the book for many reasons. Among them are that it is about travel, my largest hobby and that I adore the author's style. I decided mid first chapter that either the guys hit an unsuspected home run by suggesting this author, or that they saw similarities in Bryson's style and my own. Having known that they were fans of my blog before our initial meeting, I chose to believe the latter. I asked T about it yesterday and learned that I was correct! He too had noted similarities in style between my blog and this author.

Long story short, I may just have found a new favorite author. I am ripping my way through these pages and will look forward to other titles in the future. But not until after I work in some other material ;)

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  1. Oh Hunger Games. I'm still in denial that I finished it. I'm having a hard time moving on to a new book. Thinking of the next book in the Da Vici Code series that just came out; Inferno.