Monday, April 8, 2013

yes YES yes!

I am so skeptical of writing again about a couple. 
But I am going to do it, because next year I'm going to enjoy looking back at this exact post and reliving these feelings. 
It's all part of the process, no matter if I get rejected again or not. 

I have received two more profiles from Growing Generations. The first wasn't a good match for Chris and I, so we turned it down pretty quickly.

The next profile arrived this afternoon. 
And it's a winner. 

This couple seems so outgoing and fun. They're quirky and hilarious  I honestly laughed out loud with the first sentence of the profile. I knew it was a match for me within those first 24 words. And I promise, if they accept me and they say it's OK- I will share that first sentence with you all in the future. I just have such a good gut feeling with the couple. I just feel like we will bond easily and laugh together through the ups and downs of the entire year.

The couple is established with one another. Despite one spouse being just 29, the same age as Chris and I, they've been a couple for 9 years. Nearly twice the length of Chris and I's marriage. They seem grounded within their relationship, and appreciative of one another.

The couple is also international. 

This raises a ton of excitement  but also some natural questions and concerns. Among them?

  • Will I get to meet them before I'm spread eagle in the delivery room? 
  • Do the laws between my country and theirs mingle well? 
  • What are the cultural differences? Will I easily offend them? 
  • And, perhaps least importantly of all- When can I go visit and couch surf? 

(OK, I really am just kidding about that last one.) 

So there is a lot to talk about with Chris tonight, making sure he feels as good as I do about them. 

I can't really explain the gut feeling I have... but I just have a better feeling this time around. 


  1. Yay! Excited that you found another potential match. So sorry the other one didn't work out, but maybe it was meant to be. Can't wait to hear how this one works out.

  2. My IP's are from Australia and are a hoot! We took about an hour discussing what we call different things. :) Thankfully most IP's that are international know alot about the States. So you should be good!

    I remember my IF's came to my city a week before the transfer so that we could hang out. We took them to the local ice cream place, beach and cooked dinner together. It was awesome bonding! Their one quirky request was, they had never seen a "trailer park", so I took them to one! That was a great bonding moment!

    We are still in touch after 6 yrs.Good luck and hope you get the most awesome IP's!

  3. thanks, Chana.
    And anonymous... whoever you are... youve just made me even more excited. :-)