Monday, April 22, 2013

What to wear What to wear...

Given that I am leaving for Alaska a week from today... and LA  in 4 days... I decided to take a look at my wardrobe today.

I'm pretty excited to report that all of the sudden I am a size 8 again. I haven't lost any weight, but I am losing inches. Probably a result of all the caching I've been doing. Being this size again means some very cool things. Most notably, I love to play dress up.

I can't decide what to wear to my match meeting now. I love my old clothes. I love my new clothes. I actually bought a dress from White House Black Market (my favorite store of all time) for this occasion a while back. Actually, I bought it for my screening meeting, but chose to hold onto it for a potential match meeting outfit.

Well, now said meeting is upon us... and the dress just hangs on me. I can probably still get away with it, but who wants to hide a shrinking frame in an over sized dress? Plus, I feel like the dress might look like it is trying too hard.

So now I'm thinking some skinny jeans, a nice blouse and some killer heels. That's an outfit that's more representative of who I am and how I normally dress. Especially the heels part.


  1. So many choices to make! Very exciting! Are you heading out on vacation after? I'm heading out on vacation to Hawaii in 1-1/2 weeks as a last getaway before the transfer.

    1. We are actually looking at Hawaii for after this journey, imagine the odds. We are going on Vacation on Sunday, going to LA on Friday. So it's a quick turn around for us.

    2. Hawaii would be a nice post journey trip too. A great celebration! I hope all goes well this week. Trips stacked on top of each other is hard.

  2. I live in Alaska, the weather here is nuts FYI. Yesterday it was a beautiful spring day, melting snow and in the mid 40's, today it's blizzarding. Congrats on losing inches!