Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time Machine

Today I am pleased to announce that I have done what Albert Einstein never could. 

I've found the method for time slowing. 
Maybe even time reversal. 

What's the trick? Two very big occasions, that have been very long awaited, coming all at once.. just a few days away.

I fly to LA in like... 48 hours? And the Alaskan vacation starts in 80 hours? While neither seem long off... the truth is that every time I check the clock, time hasn't changed.

I'm pretty much packed for both trips. This leaves the girls and I wearing third choice outfits all week. We look hot. Sometimes we even match.

I think I might take the girls to the park today. Maybe we will go treasure hunting (caching) or to the mall to kill time. If it is even possible.

I am putting off weekly house cleaning until tomorrow during the day so that I can (hopefully) return to a clean home after the trips. That always feels nice. But it did mean that when our nanny came yesterday to go over procedures for while we are in LA the house was a wreck. Last time she was here we hadn't bought furniture yet. Oh what she must think of us.

In other news I have learned that the folks renting our house in Ohio are pregnant. This means they want to purchase a house. Just not ours. They think it will be too small. The good news is, she is due to deliver the month the lease is up. I've told them if they are willing and able to start their house hunt NOW, we can get the house on the market NOW and that we're OK with that. Waiting to hear if they got preapproved for a mortgage. This is of course good news for us because Spring is the best time to sell. And as soon as we're out from under that house we can buy here. I really thought I'd retire in our Ohio house. This will be sad. But, time marches on.

Or in my case, it marches backwards.

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