Friday, April 26, 2013

That Was Fast

Here we are in the lovely Le Parc Hotel, courtest of Growing Generations, where we get a view of... green? I didn't know there was any green here!  And yes, I am talking about the giant wall of plant life that sits three feet from the balcony.  But there is a balcony, and the fresh air and the sound of birds is lovely.  People keep asking us if we need help with our luggage, and are left confused when we grab our backpacks and head on our way.  I do love the lightweight lifestyle!

We are debating whether/where to eat, and when to get into our nice clothes so we don't sweat through them in the SoCal sun.  I'm sure I'll survive; I'm more worried about my impending appointment with the hotel iron than anything else.  I'm not too great with an iron, but we'll make it happen.  Time to go take care of that, before we run out of time to eat before our appointment!

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