Friday, April 26, 2013

Wrap Up

Today was simply amazing. I have so much I want to share that I feel like my thoughts are racing every which way and I am just terrified I am going to leave out some important detail. Something I am going to want to remember later. But, I will try to walk you through the wonderful time that was today.

First and foremost, please allow me to introduce you to the team. 

Four Hearts. Two Families. One Dream 

These are the guys. My guys. :) Travis and Mark. Hence forth and forever more referred to as "T" and "M". And oh yeah, Chris too.

What's that in my hand you may ask? Well, it's a novel about Australia for me, and a children's book for the girls. What you don't see are the adorable koala and kangaroo stuffed animals in my purse. The guys thought to bring us match gifts as well. They are so thoughtful!

Here's a walk through of how the day went.

Chris and I killed some time before our meeting seeking out some geochaches around the offices. This turned out to be such a great idea! When we finally got into the office we were high off a cool find and feeling good. We had a brief meeting with our meeting facilitator and she then left us in the room to wait on the guys.

Like caged animals.

The anxiety of his moment was kind of like being at the top of a big roller coaster... and then the car stalls just before the big drop. We eventually heard some very adorable Aussie accents on the other side of the frosted glass and knew it had to be our guys.

We could hear them well enough to know they were happy, but not well enough to hear what they were saying. Yes, I tried to sneek a peak through the unfrosted seams of the window. It didn't work. Should I be ashamed of this behavior? Probably.

So anyway, the doors open and in strut two rather tall (like seriously tall) and happy fellas with great big smiles. There was maybe an instant of "do we hug or shake hands" before we just embraced in a hug. It was pure jubilation in that room.

We spent a good little while talking. Well, I spent a lot of time talking, they spent a lot of time listening. Par for the course with me, really. But I got to tell them both of my birth stories, why surrogacy and what kind of relationship I'd like to have with them during and after this journey. We talked about advances in technology and how it would be cool to Email or Skype during doctor appointments and the like. We talked about difficult decisions that sometime have to arise in the instance of baby making (selective reduction etc.)

One thing we didn't get a chance to talk about and probably should have was their preferences for the birth. I REALLY need to talk with them about induction. I want to avoid it at all costs if possible, but I'd rather be induced than have them accidentally miss the birth of their child. So maybe it isn't even worth discussing.

After the meeting we went to the original Marie Callender's for pie. Instead we opted for nachos and a few Sam Adams. Did I mention I love these guys? Here we talked about more surrogacy related items, exchanged the "how we met" stories and learned that M and Chris are both tech minded. The pair of them hit it off like old chums and talked tech shop. T and I were left scratching our heads. We exchanged gifts, which was such a sweet moment.

After food we walked next door to the La Brea Tar Pits. Chris and I had another surprise in store. We led them onto a bridge where we had found a very cleverly disguised cache just before the meeting. We snagged it and showed it to them, introducing them to our family hobby. They seemed so over the moon by it! Like not just humoring us, but honestly interested. I get the impression we may have made a few new cachers today. We toured the pits and found a park with music and had someone snap a picture of the four of us.

After more getting to know one another talk, we realized that a lot of time had passed and we'd spent nearly 6 hours together. The guys were itching to get back to their rental and get a more hearty dinner, and Chris and I were pretty tired ourselves. We decided it was time to call it a night. But not before grabbing one more cache.

The guys very generously offered to drive us back to our hotel, saving us having to call a taxi. What a hoot this experience was! M tried to get into the passenger's side of the car to drive. And then watching them try to figure out the interior heating was to die for! Since they deal in Celsius, not Fahrenheit,  they had no idea where to set the interior temperature. They asked if 80 was cool or hot. It was precious. Then the GPS came on and instructed M to make a right hand turn in half a mile. He burst out laughing, having no idea how far half a mile was. They use kilometers. :)

We were finally able to get it figured out and got home. We asked a few more questions of one another. One of the things they asked me referenced a previous blog post. They wanted to know what it was that they had written in their profile that made me instantly laugh and know we'd get on quite well. I told them (and they gave permission to share with you) that it was the statement T made stating, "They say it takes a village to raise a child. In our case it has taken a village just to get this far."

We all hugged and said goodbyes. I can't believe I won't see them again until I am 20 weeks pregnant. Insane.

I won't lie and say there was no first date oddness today. There were some awkward silences, and a few "hmm..."moments. But not many. And really, it WAS our first date. A pretty darn good first date.

So good in fact, that we decided to have a baby together.


  1. Always love reading your updates. Sounds like a great meeting!!!!! I'm totally jelous that you got a pic with the IF's. I totally spaced and forgot to take one of us at our first meeting. I was soooo upset with myself.

    Ok, and I must ask... what is a cache??? The sucky part is that I will probably forget to check back on this post for the answer. Boo!

    1. Geocaching is an internatioal sport. We hunt "caches". Here's a link to learn more:

  2. I'm so happy that it went so well!! Good luck on the start of an amazing adventure.


  3. I'm so excited. The process now moves forward. I love the picture with T&M and you and Chris.
    May the world be bright and shine over all of you during this incredible journey.
    My love and prayers will surround each of your families now and forever.
    Let our villages merge as one. In love, peace, and diversity.
    Thank you God for bringing these couples together.

    1. Pepper,
      You're the best. I knew that you would love these guys especially. :) We now move forward!

  4. Your IFs are adorable :-) Oh, and we Geocache too!

    1. Kira! So cool. I knew I liked you! ;)

  5. "My guys"... I REALLY like the sound of that! Yesterday exceeded all our expectations in so many ways, and the short time we had together left us in no doubt that "it's all good from here". We have spent today smiling from ear to ear and celebrating what is to come.
    PS -so nice being able to comment on here now!

    1. I can just picture you two smiling that big! Beautiful smiles, truly!

      So nice to SEE your comments here now :)

  6. Oh my! Those guys are ADORABLE! VERY cute! Genuine smiles! I am sure your journey will be a great one!

  7. I wonder if the guys are reading these comments. If so, they should know just hoe many of my female friends have said you're cute, and adorable, and have beautiful smiles. Blushing yet, fellas? ;)

    1. Oh yes, we are reading. And blushing.