Monday, April 29, 2013

Match Meeting Gifts

I read about surrogates who bring a match meeting gift to their first meeting with the couple. I just love the idea. Especially because I love the couple. But it's difficult to decide what to give. We don't know one another at all yet, so I can't get something that caters to interests or personalities. I certainly don't want to spend too much money because that would just be awkward for everyone. Especially if the meeting doesn't go well...  But above all, I want it to be a sentimental gift. Something that means something.

So what to give? It's the sort of question neither mom nor Google has the answer to. Yes, I googled it. Several ways. I asked other surrogates. I thought about stealing an idea from another surrogate who recently did the same thing. But none of the suggestions seemed personal. And stealing someone else's clever idea isn't me at all.

So I dug around on the web... and ultimately found these:

Which I turned into these: 

Of course it won't have my name on it. I've ordered one with each of the IPs names on it. The price was right, the sentiment was right and it was just original enough.

I added a soy "Happy Day" candle, wrapped it and came up with this: (Names still blurred to respect privacy...)

Can't post this until after I give them out, because I want it to be a surprise. Hope these little coins are a hit!


The gifts were a hit! I am so glad!

The guys even thought to bring a little army of gifts for us. Here's a picture:

The brought a couple of stuffed animals from Australia for the girls. I promise to eventually post a video of Adelia getting her "Kang-a-new" because I am sure it will be epic. A koala bear for Emrys. They also sent a book on families for the girls. Such a thought filled and sweet gesture. I really wasn't expecting it.

They also brought a book for me. It's set in Australia and is apparently an author they are found of. Honestly  the cover art is similar to that of Sophie Kinsella, who does have a new title out that I have not yet read. As I opened the book I thought it was going to be that book.. and had it been, things would have been very awkward indeed. I would have been so impressed that they could have pinned my favorite author without my telling them, that I would have jumped across that table and hugged them. :) As it is, I am so excited to read this, and see what types of authors and stories they love. I am digging into this book probably as we speak, with my feet up on the balcony of my cruise ship.

Ahh... vacation. 

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