Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am told...

I spoke with Lisa at Growing Generations again last night. 
I am told that as of this morning, my profile will have been sent to our chosen couple. 
What this often means is that we will know if they like me or not by sometime today.


Apart from all of that, Lisa wanted to talk to me about this blog. She wanted to know what sorts of things I planned to share here, and where I would draw a line of privacy for the IPS.

My line has been clearly drawn since before I even knew which couple I might help. And if this couple doesn't choose me, the line will not change. I will never reveal anything that will make my IPs uncomfortable. This may be my surrogacy, but it is their baby and their pregnancy.

In the most ideal of worlds, I would give them rights to this blog and they'd share their thoughts through this journey as well. I am told that just won't happen. That's OK.

Second best? They'd be OK with me using their first names or at least an assumed name.. as calling them simply "IPs" for the next year seems so impersonal  I'd also love to be allowed to post ultrasound photos and a pic of the newborn.

I guess the bottom line is, so long as I am not silenced I am ok with almost any restrictions. I just hope that won't be our sticking point.


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  2. Good Luck!!! My IP's don't want their real names or their pictures on my Surro blog, which I am completely okay with! I can post my belly pics, u/s pics.. etc :)