Thursday, April 25, 2013

Husband's wardrobe

Well well, another day and we'll be at our match meeting.  It even has an acronym, MM.  So we'll be meeting our IPs at the MM, then we'll get assigned to an FC (financial coordinator), and then we'll head from LA to LAX where we'll leave for SEA.  Yeah, I'm a programmer analyst, I eat acronyms for breakfast.  So, here comes yet another subset of my life that's full of abbreviations and jargon.  Are we so lazy as a culture that we have to do that, or do we think it's cool?  No idea, but I admit, I find myself using them at home while I'm chatting about our upcoming trip.

Our new coordinator asked what I was going to wear; I'm far more thrilled about finally having a replacement for my laptop bag to take to the airport than about what I'm actually going to be wearing when I touch down!  The west coast is a fascinating place; I will be wearing jeans and a dress shirt, and yet, if I walked in wearing a suit, it probably wouldn't be abnormal at all.  You can get away with almost anything here; sometimes I feel like it's costume night every night.  Hopefully the Aussies don't think the whole country is like MTV or something; I want them to like it here!  Because as we all know, we Americans think Australia is super cool (seriously), and I want to make a good impression to their representatives.  Was I supposed to be talking about surrogacy?  These are the things that keep me up at night!

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