Thursday, April 25, 2013

Got a Quick Minute

Today is one of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I'll try to organize my thoughts though.

I put off my weekly house cleaning until today, so that I have the best chance of coming home from Alaska to a clean house. I also always do laundry on Thursdays. As minamalists, we really only have enough clothing to last a week or two at a time, so in order to pack our favorite items for Alaska/LA we needed to do laundry today not only to get it done before we leave, but in order to have enough clean underwear. :)

The girls also needed a bath this morning. Not only because they didn't have one yesterday  but also because I don't want to task the nanny with having to do it tomorrow. So, I was a home maker extraordinaire today. I was cleaning house while cooking breakfast. I was bathing kids while moping the floor. Packing clothes while doing hair. Domestic diva. This leads me to my next point.

There is a major difference in a house wife and a home maker. 

A house wife is a wife who stays at home. A home maker is a house wife who makes that house a home. Although sometimes it can be stressful, Chris and I treat my 9-5 as a real job. It is my responsibility to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, lawn work and child raising. I get to clock out at 5 pm (though I rarely do), but during the day, I am to stay busy making this place a home. I make and keep  schedule. Designated laundry days. Designated left over days.

Anyway... this has nothing to do with the match meeting tomorrow... which is what I wanted to pop in to talk about. See, even my thoughts are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

So about this time tomorrow I will be in LA, at the beautiful LeParc hotel getting my face on. Let's be real, I leave the house at 3 am. I am not doing hair and make up that early. Sorry Alaska Airlines folk, you get me in my natural grandeur.

The meeting itself is tomorrow at 1:30. I'm told we will talk in a monitored session about medical issues, legal issues and other hot topic issues that may arise. After that happens we are supposed to go out together unsupervised for coffee or dinner. Unless the facilitated meeting falls apart and it's obvious we won't be working together. My hope is that day will turn into night, and things will move seamlessly. It'd be great to do  this early dinner, and then maybe explore the city a bit together, or enjoy the hotel spa and continue talking. While all this has to flow organically  the one thing Chris and I have agreed on is that we will be available to the couple as long as they want to be in our company.

At some point in this process we will both confirm that we want to continue on together. If we both still say yes, then I will likely start contracting when we get back from Alaska. A month after that I will likely start the meds. A month after that I will likely have a transfer.

The reader's digest of all this? 

If all goes as planned, I could be pregnant by my birthday. What a gift that would be! Would mean an early spring baby for the couple.

My case worker at GG assures me that the couple has been in contact with her and remain as excited to meet Chris and I as I am to meet them. That's good news, because I was starting to worry that the shine had worn off of me for them and maybe they were having second thoughts.

Truth is, it is a 17 hour flight from Australia to LA, So the couple is already on a plane. I wonder how they're feeling.

OK, this might just be my longest post ever- totally not what I intended to do. I'd better get back to home making :)


  1. You'll do awesome! GG is wonderful and the IP's will be thrilled to have you as a GS! Relax and enjoy, it's going to be a meeting that will be the start of a great relationship!

    Have you picked an official MM outfit?! :)

    1. Yes!!
      Dark wash jeans, polka dot blouse, red pumps (With flops in the handbag in case we decide to walk somewhere.)

  2. Good Luck! I know all will go perfectly. Can't wait to hear all about it.