Friday, April 5, 2013

An Update

I have had a lot of texts, phone calls and emails asking if I've heard anything... so I wanted to let you all know that...

Watching the Grass Grow...
The title of this post is misleading. 
Because I really have no update. 

I was told the IPs were given 48 hours to accept or reject. I was told there was no way I wouldn't have some sort of answer this week. I was told that quite often I will get an immediate, "We love her, but we have some questions for the legal team." I didn't get that. It's been over my 48 hours and still no answer.

In the interest of full disclosure I will let you all know that I am not worried. I'm not even really all that stressed. Which really surprises me. Is it possible I am learning patience already? Probably not. Probably just coincidence.

Either way, I have Emailed the Growing Generations team to ask for an update. If this couple doesn't like me, it's OK. They deserve a surrogate they are 100% on board with. And maybe just maybe there is an even more awesome couple out there for me too. I'd just like to know SOMETHING. SOMETIME.

So for now, it's back to house hunting, kid wrangling, and watching grass grow (not nearly that boring in Seattle...)

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  1. We didn't hear for a week. They had been waiting almost 2 years so between traveling and some family health concerns they just didn't have time to sit down and really discuss things(and had to get back in baby mode). But once they did they accepted us and it has been amazing and gone very quickly. But I will say it drove me nuts!!!