Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Morning for Goodbyes

The way this journey works (on a business end) is that my "case" is handed through lots of folks over at the Growing Generations staff. While some may think this feels a bit impersonal (won't mention any names...) I think it's actually wonderful. GG is a small company, and this tactic allows me to be on a first name basis with most of the staff... at least on some level. I just love that.

So far I've been managed by Anna, who first told me I couldn't be a surrogate in 2012 because I was still nursing, and then welcomed me back in Jan. of 2013. I've also been in contact with Lisa through the matching process, Mallorie, Dr. Kim and Dr. Kolb for screenings both medical and psychological and with Dan in finance.

Now that I am officially "matched" my case is handed off once again. This is to be my last hand off. Now my point of contact is Amy, whom I adore. I will stay with her until I deliver a baby.

I had an email this morning from Anna telling me she'd miss hearing from me and wishing me good luck. I hadn't even stopped to think about the fact that getting a new point of contact meant saying goodbye to the others. Well, I think I'll still bug her from time to time, as I feel like we're almost friends at this point. But still... this is the first bittersweet moment in this journey. I know moving on to a case manager is smart and good business. Anna needs to devote her time to new surrogates who are now where I was 18 months ago.

Just crazy, isn't it?

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