Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A few more details

But not too many. 

Even though I am told that this couple enjoy my blog... (page views from their home country are SHOOTING off the page... so I'm pretty sure they're having their friends and family check me out. )I am still very leery of sharing any personal information about them here. At least until I meet them in person and it is something we talk about.

But it's just so hard. 
I'm walking on sunshine!

I am so excited about them, and about this match. I am told that they are just as excited as I am. It's really hard to hold back and not share every detail. To talk about why I am so excited. But, this isn't my baby. And it's not my choice to make. So patience my friends, patience.

Chris spilled the beans that this couple is from Australia, hence the 17 hour time difference.  While this factoid played no part in our choosing them, it is a fun coincidence. Here's why.

Chris and I decided about a year ago that at the close of any surrogacy journey we embark upon we will do a family vacation. A way to gel our family back together after sharing so much of ourselves with so many others. Our choice for this first vacation is a cruise that travels the South Pacific Islands, around New Zealand and ends in Australia, where we will attend service at Hillsong. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get to visit this couple and the baby(ies) while we are there. :)

And Don't it Feel Good! 
So what's next? We are working to finalize some travel dates for an in person match meeting right now. Their availability just so happens to be while we are scheduled to be in Alaska. There is one day where we might be able to do it. We are trying to see if it will work out or if alternate arrangements will need to be made.

If it works out, we move on to contracts and shots. I can't believe we're finally moving. So excited and wishing I could share more information... but I need to hold back just a bit longer. I have a gut feeling though that they're going to be OK with it :) I would love to post a pic of the four of us after we meet. The kiwi team. :)

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  1. It is always nice to get matched and begin moving forward with them! Hope everything goes well.