Friday, March 15, 2013

What Does Justice?

I seriously just sat here for 3 minutes staring down the title bar. How do I sum today up? Major development? Super excited? Matched?  None of them seem to do justice. 

I got a phone call from Lisa this afternoon telling me she was about to email over my first profile for review.

Honestly, if it had arrived by snail mail I think I would have ripped it open with my teeth I was so excited.

But it showed up via email about 4 minutes later.

Here's the tricky part of this. How much can I reveal here without giving too much away??? 

My first impression was pure excitement. We seem to have so much in common. From hobbies to dachshund rescue and adoption, I really think we'd be great friends if we were to meet in public. So, here's the break down.

Embryo Transfers- totally agree. 
Number of babies to be carried- totally agree. 
Selective Reduction- totally agree
Amniocentesis- totally agree
Communication during and after surrogacy- totally agree
Interest in expressed breastmilk- agree 

The way this couple answered questions related to these major issues was so in line with how Chris and I feel that it could have been one of us writing those replies.

There are two areas where the profile suggests we might feel differently from one another. Both are very minor issues and were answered with "uncertain" in areas where I would be answering "Yes"

My gut tells me they answered this way in order to not scare a potential surrogate away, and that they really do feel strongly in these areas, and that we probably align in there areas as well. I feel like they chose two areas that were "small point" issues and left them up to a potential surrogate.

I've asked for the weekend to think it over, simply because it's such a major decision. But, it looks like we might just have a match :) 

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