Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am writing this from the waiting area of the fertility clinic. In just a few minutes I will be called back to have my blood drawn, urine collected and uterus inspected.

I have issued a strict edict to said uterus to straighten up and behave. 

I just wanted to post a quick little bit (I am sure a full post trip wrap up will be posted in the next day or two) to note how surreal this process feels right now. It's really real. It's totally happening. Surrogacy is no longer a dream, no longer a blog topic. It's now my reality.

I have always been such a fertile Myrtle that I never thought I'd be sitting in the receiving area of a fertility clinic. I never thought I'd have my name on patient forms for a clinic that helps people become pregnant. Because to be frank, I have no problem getting pregnant.

Perhaps thats a bit insensitive considering the people I'm about to be helping and the assumed audience of this blog. So if it was insensitive, my apologies...

Even so, I feel the anxiety in this room. It's sort of a terminal of last hope for people who have decided their bodies can't do it on their own. My heart breaks for every couple that walks by. I wonder where they are in their process, and if very soon I will be helping a couple just like one of these.

It's odd to be here, but it fuels my fire to continue this process. Let's Go!

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  1. looking forward to hearing more about your experience! Hang in there!