Friday, March 15, 2013

Too Busy to Worry

I've really only been home to sleep in the last few days; I have paperwork piling up for the surrogacy and work, and hopefully I will get to it very soon.  Mandy is panicking over the results of the psych test, but I have to remind myself, it isn't a pass/fail test, and the staff analyzing the test is presumably out of town anyway.

Whether we passed or failed is out of our hands at this point.  What has me far more worried is Mandy's return to traditional birth control pills.  I have plenty of not-so-fond memories of the emotional roller coaster that was Mandy on birth control, and once we decided to move on to alternatives, and eventually nothing so we could have a baby, I was ever so pleased that it all went away.  Now, I have some concerns about going back.

Mind you, we have the freedom to experiment to some degree until we find one that works well, but each time we change regimens, we have to start back at the beginning of this step.  Once we've stuck out one approach and the doctor verifies everything is working the way it should, we will move to the next process.  So, I suppose the best I can hope for is that the first choice works wonderfully and we don't have to play drug ping-pong.  We can only hope.

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