Monday, March 4, 2013

Suck on This

I just sent two care packages to two new mothers whom I love dearly. Yes, I skipped baby shower gifts. I do it on purpose.

I always wait until the baby is born and then I send the gift that most are too embarrassed to send. Boob gifts.

Ages ago Chris told me I was a one woman walking talking advertisement for the La Leche league. I took it (and continue to take it) as a compliment.

It's funny, isn't it? When I found out I was pregnant with number one, I said, "Breastfeeding is barbaric. Its gross and I am NOT doing it."

Flash forward three years and I am defined by spending 29 of the last 36 months with a baby on my breast.

breastfeeding_icon_won.jpgIt has becoming a calling on my life to do everything I can to help new mothers STICK with breast feeding. So, once baby arrives I send my first aid kit for nursing mothers. A good nursing cover (I recomend the L'oved Baby shaw), a package of Lansinoh Soothies, and a package of Medela Therashells. Add that to my phone number, which you can call to moan, whine or seek advice 24/7.

Why do I give intimate gifts they may abandon in a week or two as opposed to cute little onsies? Because I feel so passionately about breastfeeding. Because I've seen it work. Because I know what it does for mom AND baby.

I get excited to watch women tread down the road of nursing. I have two friends who I'd like to think I've had a direct impact on so far as nursing goes. With baby number one they either were low on luck or carefree in concern. I really focused on them through their second pregnancies and I am proud to say both are almost exclusively breastfeeding baby number two.

As a disclaimer, I do believe that so long as mommy and baby are happy, and baby is gaining weight, then mommy is making the right choice. That includes if she chooses to formula feed. I don't think less of formula feeders, I just choose to support breastfeeding. :)

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