Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, By The Way

Just got another call from the Growing Generations staff.

Apparently ANOTHER member of the psych team will be out of town during my visit. Having already rescheduled me once because of the same sort of scheduling mishap, the staff has just decided to do my interview pysch meeting... tonight.... over the internet.

Now that my heart is beating again and I've stopped choking on my own saliva (go ahead and act like you've never done that) I will say this... I think they're doing this on purpose.

And no, not to harm me. I think it's to help  me.

I noticed that this last minute change only freaked me out for a nano second. Then I was like, yeah OK, whatever works. I think all the rearranging and changing is to get me distracted from my fears and help me relax. I don't have time to get nervous or over analyze... because now my meeting is in what, 6.5 hours? So OK, bring it on.

But there is still the mater of the computer evaluation....

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