Friday, March 1, 2013

It's (not) All About The Benjamins, Baby

Does that image upset you? When I see it I don't know whether to breathe fire or laugh.

It makes me really angry because it paints surrogacy in such a negative light. Frankly, it really diminishes what I'm about to do.

It makes me want to laugh because it is so, SO far from truth.

I've just received my benefits package and insurance paperwork to sign. Seeing my name on a financial spreadsheet really makes this process seem so real. There are no surprises on there, nothing I didn't expect, but it's still kind of surreal.

One of my greatest annoyances of telling people I am trying to become a surrogate is that one of the top three things I hear is, "Wow, what are you going to get paid for that?" With tabloid stories like the one above it is no surprise that people think my mother ship is about to come in with this life event.

Well folks, it's not. 

To be clear, honest and perfectly truthful, Chris and I made the decision to become a surrogate family on the assumption that while we would not have to spend a dime, we would not walk away any richer. I am really happy that was our idea of how this worked. Because when we found out that indeed it is common to receive compensation for the process it was a totally unexpected, unbudgeted bonus.

Baby playing with dollar billsI don't even like to tell people what the rate of pay IS. I prefer to simply say, "I could make more working at McDonald's for 9 months and not have to deal with the stretch marks." It's true, by the way.

I'm not going to get into what the compensation is here. If you really are curious, check out any reputable agency. The information is clearly stated and posted on their website for anyone to see.

The fact is that, for us at least, this is about helping another family. And it's because I enjoy pregnancy and childbirth. It's not at all about the Benjamins....and talking about them just makes me flat out uncomfortable.

That said, it's time to go get uncomfortable, sign this financial benefit package, and have this part of the process over with.

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