Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Forgetting To Do Something...

Oh yeah, Breathe. 

Seriously, my life is a whirlwind right now. I feel such dedication to document this journey, but I am finding that this month there is little time to breathe, let alone document my feelings, emotions and happenings surrounding my life and the surrogacy.

First update- I had an internet meeting last night with Kim at Growing Generations. I thought it was just an audio meeting, so I didn't dress nicely, do my hair, wear make up... nothing. Nope, it was video chat. With a big ole zit on my chin. Niiiiice.

Even so, the meeting went great. We talked about my ideal match in IPs, my biggest successes in life, things I wish I could change about myself and things I would never change about myself. It was almost fun.

Dr. Kim also told me that the computer based pysch test is not like the ones I have failed taken in the past and that it was very rare for this test to highlight a cause for concern. That made me feel much better.

I leave for the airport in about 2 hours. It's a tiny visit, in just 36 hours we'll be back on a plane headed home. Hopefully with a cleared uterus and a IP profile in hand. Pony up, baby.

My girls are still with grandma in Ohio, and while I have enjoyed sleeping in the past two mornings and moving at my leisure (I actually went shopping AND got a pedicure today), I miss those little blondesters so desperately  I am trying to not call every 5 seconds and ruin Scott and Tammie's time with them... but geez... I misses my babies.

Also getting some heat from an Ohio friend for being too busy to do her a favor in what she considers a timely manner. I'll admit, I am quite frustrated by that. My nerves, emotions and schedule are so over the place it'd be nice to just hear support, not guilt.

So that's about all I have time to pen for now. I think I've got about 60 minutes to eat  (bonus) and try to work in that favor for a friend.

More to come, FROM LOS ANGELES!

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