Thursday, March 14, 2013

Having a Small Heart Complication

OK, For the record... I know I am going to have to stop using fun little phrases like, "I'm having a small heart complication" in the very near future. Because I am not allowed to scare the IPs with such phrases when I am carrying their child.

That said, IPs, I really hope you'll find my sarcastic and witty sense of humor funny and allow me to be me... even when I am carrying your baby. 

Disclaimer over. 
On to my heart condition. 

So here I was, just catching up on some blogs feeling all content that my screening was over. In fact, feeling pretty good that my computer based MMPI personality test didn't send people screaming. Maybe I had finally passed one after all.

Insert blogs talking about MMPI testing. And how most people were told as soon as the testing was completed that they had passed.

I wasn't told this. 
Does this mean I fail? 

I know I am irrational in my fear of this test. But really... this is a great big life decision and it all rests on weather or not I answered questions like, "I want to be a florist, true or false" correctly?

Can I just get the all clear on this damn test already?

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