Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back on My Meds

It's officially official. 
It's really real.

I've started meds related to this process. 

No, I am not on the injectibles yet. But as part of today's procedure I did have my IUD removed and I was placed on birth control pills. The pills will make it easier to sync my cycle with the life cycle of the fertilized eggs that will eventually find a home inside of me for a few months.

Am I excited to be on the meds? Not one bit. I'll be even less thrilled when I have to start sticking my butt with needles daily. But, this is a short term problem to a long term great thing. Grin, bear it and move on.

I also wanted to document a little bit about the medical screening real quick... just to make sure to get it down. 

The docs visit went quick and as a bonus, I actually really like the doc and my case worker at the fertility clinic. I had to offer a urine sample and six viles of blood to prove that I am healthy and that I don't have the HIV. None of that worried me one bit.

Then came the uterine screen. This one was a bit worrisome to me. The procedure itself was a bit like having a pap smear. I laid back and a spectulum was inserted in order to "open me up" so that a small cathader could be inserted into the uterus. I gave a quick cough and POOF. Out was the IUD and in Dr Kolb's words, "You're now very fertile."

Next some saline was injected into the uterus to inflate the cavity a bit. A transvaginal wand was inserted to give the doc a good look at both ovaries as well as my uterus  The doc said everything was beautiful and looked great. He didn't even mention a tilt, much less the severe tilt I've been told I have on multiple occasions.

So tilted or not, this uterus is in business. 

Next steps? 
So long as I actually passed the personality screening then the next step is matching. I am so excited to get that profile. I had really, REALLY hoped to get it today. No such luck. Anyway, once the profile arrives in my hot little hands and we approve one, it's on to drawing up legal contracts and starting the injectible medicines.

Short answer? 

The ball is rolling. 

If you thought things were moving quickly before, I have a feeling it's about to get even more exciting very soon!

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