Thursday, February 21, 2013

You Plan, God Laughs

But what happens when GOD does the planning? 
Am I supposed to laugh? I did smile...

One of the few stress issues with the initial stages of this surrogacy are the trips in which I have to go to California for appointments, and what to do with the kids.

Well, God did some planning for my initial California excursion.

Looks like I'll have my psych screening and medical evaluation while my babies are on holiday with grandma and grandpa in Ohio. Well played, big guy :)

So I've got about a month, give or take, until that process. 

Things to pray for... 

  1. That my uterus checks out OK. Given the previous indications of a severe tilt, I am asking for prayers that the fertility docs will deem it upright enough to make me a viable surrogate. 
  2. That I pass the psych test. LOL. I am seriously really anxious over it. I have failed one of these before when I took it for a job working at CATO clothing. It asked me in about 100 ways if I do drugs (never) if I steal (never) and if I call off work (not ever, unless sick). But I failed it. I was honest. And I failed. I'm more scared of failing a similar type test again when it matters so much than I am of any other element of this surrogacy. So please pray that the test is fair and yields a positive response. 

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